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The problem of Low Progesterone in women



Progesterone is an indispensable hormone which facilitates a woman dealing with a number of crucial stages of life - her teenage years, childbearing age, perimenopause, menopause and pregnancy. Reduced levels of progesterone may perhaps give rise to challenging circumstances, together with obstacles in pregnancy.


In other words Progesterone is a female hormone generated by the ovaries all through the phase of ovulation. Though, definite proportions are also developed by the adrenal glands. Progesterone too exists in males; though, it is termed as a 'female' hormone due to its supreme responsibility in the intermediary stages in a female's life―all the way from teenage years, to turning out to be a mother, to dealing with the inconvenient symptoms cum indications of menopause.


The most essential functionality of the progesterone hormone is to respond to the consequences of estrogen and facilitate providing an atmosphere for a successful and healthy pregnancy. In addition, it is progesterone that facilitates a lady to go through regular cum normal menstrual cycles, the abnormality being credited to low proportions of progesterone.


Causes of Low Progesterone


A female’s body undergoes through a succession of hormonal alterations per month―all the way through ovulation and menstrual periods. It is ordinary for the progesterone levels to augment after ovulation to guarantee positive circumstances for the implantation of the embryo. If fertilization does not arise, the progesterone levels plummet, subsequent to menstruation. In this particular situation, the fall in the progesterone levels is normal cum usual; though, there are a number of examples where low progesterone levels may perhaps exist. These are:


Problems in Ovulation: Progesterone is discharged by means of the ovaries throughout the later half of the menstrual cycle that is subsequent to ovulation. In case there are difficulties in the procedures of ovulation, the progesterone levels may perhaps be low.


Possibility of Miscarriage: A high proportion of progesterone is discharged by the placenta throughout pregnancy. If you notice any kind of noteworthy plummet in the progesterone levels throughout the initial few weeks of pregnancy, then it may perhaps give rise to a miscarriage.


Estrogen Dominance: In the situation of females who are of childbearing age, it may perhaps so happen that the proportion of estrogen may perhaps boost peculiarly and the progesterone levels may perhaps diminish giving rise to an indiscretion or deficiency of menstruation. This may even give rise to complexity in conceiving. Hormone replacement rehabilitation subsequent to menopause too consists of estrogen and progesterone. High intensities of estrogen may cause the lining of the uterus to congeal peculiarly, boosting the dangers of uterine cancer. As a result, progesterone should be incorporated to lessen the condensing and lessening the risks of uterine cancer.


Certain Medications: Assured drugs may perhaps restrain the levels of progesterone in the body. If you go through the indications of low progesterone―which are scheduled in the subsequent section―then seek advice from with your healthcare professional cum expert and tell them regarding the drugs you consume.


Other Causes: Few professionals think that causes for instance mental strain, deficiency of physical workouts, deficiency of nutritious diet, etc., may give rise to low levels of progesterone.


Symptoms of Low Progesterone


The earlier sections undoubtedly define the significance of progesterone, particularly among females. Low levels may bring about an assortment of health related issues. There are many other symptoms of low progesterone to tot up. The below mentioned are few of the most important symptoms.


Irregular menstruation in females of childbearing age

Problems in conceiving


Weight gain

Mood swings


Sexual dysfunction


Fluid retention





Fibrocystic breasts